Jeannie In a Bottle

1 April
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Jeannie was turned into a genie by the Blue djinn for refusing to marry him. She was locked in her bottle for 2000 years before being let out by a lost astronaut on a desert island. Tony Nelson, instead of keeping her, set her free. But she wanted to stay with him so she took him as her master by choice, following him home and disrupting his engagement to another woman.

She was born in 64 BC on April 1st in Pompeii. She has a family but only her sister is a genie like herself.

Master Doctor verse: The Doctor has discovered Jeannie and has become her new master. He is attempting to find a way to break the bond between Jeannie and her bottle so she can make her own decisions, but Jeannie is perfectly content to be what she is and follow along with the Doctor. morethanworthit

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